Going through a security screening checkpoint can be an intimidating and slow process. ADANI the leader in innovative X-ray screening technology has developed the first of its kind. A friendly threat detection solution for entrances to schools, public establishments-Stadiums, Schools, Concert Venues etc. The BV STREAM utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to aid in the inspection process in reducing the human error when screening. The “friendly” exterior makes the overall more welcoming.


  • 2x scanning speed in comparison with traditional baggage systems
  • ADANI unique Artificial intelligence (AI) detection software
  • Remote image monitoring through WI-FI
  • Intuitive user interaction and navigation
  • Approachable customizable exterior design


  • Higher Probability of Detection-Lower False Positive Alarms
  • Increased Throughput
  • Reduced Operator Strain
  • Reduced Stress on Public with approachable design

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  • Removable Custom Image Wrapping of Corporate, Mascot or School Logo