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Founded in 2006 ADANI Systems Inc. is a certified small business and the exclusive source for ADANI products in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America. ADANI Systems has over 14 years of experience in providing customers with superior X-ray
imaging technology.

ADANI is globally recognized as an innovative engineering design company in the
security, medical and non-destructive testing industries.

ADANI leverages world class scientists and software developers to deliver X-ray
imaging products and solutions. ADANI Systems develops solutions for today’s
challenges with innovation, technology and quality to perform in tomorrow’s world.


Security and detection technology is changing, and ADANI is on the leading edge and inspiring some of that change.

ADANI Systems is committed to delivering quality products with the best performance, reliability and value. Our Sales team operates with honor and integrity and is backed up by our in-house Training and Service Departments.

Our 1,000+ customers also stand as a testament to ADANI’s commitment to excellence and ability to perform with focus for our existing customers while building a secure future with our new customers.

The ADANI Systems Advantage


Our scanners are manufactured to the highest standard and are built with rugged materials designed to handle high traffic and high usage all while maintaining precision performance producing the best images in the industry.

Patented Technology

ADANI holds patents for body scanning technology, dual view body scanners and the industry’s only automatic drug detection capability – DruGuard.

Innovative Designs

Our AI powered automatic contraband detection algorithm software leads the industry in assisting operators in determining the presence of threats and restricted items hidden in or on the body.

Our industry leading 4 Body Scanner designs allows each facility to select and configure their scanners to meet space and budget requirements.

We create imaging and interface features that make our products intuitive and easy to use.

We include a 7 color imaging palate on all of our Bag Vision (BV) X-ray machines with touchscreen capability across all product lines and EasyData software to track all scans, and more.

Our designs often allow for upgrade paths in both hardware and software.

Customer Focus

ADANI’s products evolve with our customer’s needs. Through continual development we improve, refine, and bolster our product offerings. Our ability to service our products and customers, with a consultative approach makes sure you choose the best solution to fit your needs.

ADANI Systems employs a full-time staff which comprises the Field Service Engineers, Warehouse, Production, Sales, Shipping, Training and Administrative functions.


ADANI is the global market leader for Full Body transmission X-Ray System with over 600 successful installations in the US alone.

ADANI understands the challenges being faced by corrections officers and security professionals and we are proud to offer the most advanced screening technology, superior image quality and industry leading assisted drug/contraband detection features available on the market today.

Our experience in medical and non-destructive imaging crosses over into security applications and allows us to engineer safe and reliable X-ray products with outstanding performance and reliability characteristics.

Our team of Sales Professionals possesses over 100 years of relevant experience at the Federal, State, County and City levels of corrections, border, critical infrastructure and cargo/vehicle inspection security. 98% of our clients are City, County and State Corrections.

Our Field Service organization is experienced and efficient with 9 direct FSE’s. Based out of Conroe, Texas and supporting a network of regional engineers nationally we have a reputation of providing prompt, professional service and training experience the first time and every time. Our toll-free number is set up to offer customers with 24/7/365 response.


ADANI Systems offers capable and highly innovative solutions to meet the needs of security professionals in corrections, aviation, and critical infrastructure applications.

We use many US sourced components as well as high quality globally sourced parts to build products in our 16,000 sq. ft. Conroe,Texas headquarters.

Throughout the assembly process components and subcomponents are installed, verified, and inspected to insure lead time and reliability in the final delivered solution.

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Systems Sales Support and Service Centers

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